What is PID in practice and how do you implement it?

Can we make this system stable without using AI? | Gif by Author

A look behind the curtain at some very clever systems

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How can we be 100% sure that if a malicious party gained access to all the logins and personal information stored by a password manager, they wouldn’t be able to…

An Analysis of the Spelling and Pronunciations of Over 80 Thousand Words

The Network Of Pronunciation. See more later on | Image By Author
  • Dough
  • Plough
  • Thought
  • Through
  • + more (less common) ones

Here are the highlights

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Everything you need to know to get started hosting your projects in Google Cloud for free

How do we get code from our PC to the cloud? | Image by Author using images from Unsplash & Pixabay

It’s free and surprisingly easy

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A Lesson In Google Natural Language API and BigQuery

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Ethan Roberts

Software Engineer at the Dyson Institute

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